Feedback session.


F. Stefanini


Day Time Location
Sat, 07.05.2016 14:00 - 15:00 DISCO

Organization / logistics concerns

  • internet should be improved -- sometimes not even the internal website was working
  • we should make sure the website can be easily accessed from outside and everybody is informed about this possibility
  • email buttons were not working for several people with combinations of OS and browsers, even when email client was properly set
  • bring back the mailing lists!
  • water/coffees in the disco room to support hard workers, coffee is too expensive at the bar, we should work out a discount option with the hotel, promising some coffee break time
  • more tables are needed in the disco
  • anti-mosquito lights for night workers
  • social software installed locally to encourage interactions, such as mattermost
  • shared folder (samba/windows) that can be mounted locally

Science: morning sessions, workgroups, format, topics, etc.

  • some of the sessions were hard to follow because the point seemed to be missing, people should have a tutorial first to be on the same page. Maybe the tutorials could go before the coffee break and after the coffee break the format could be more interactive
  • many sessions were tutorial-like but some sessions about general topics, givin a sort of a general vision of what the workshop is about and topics to think about, are necessary
  • topics could be better interchanging between engineering and biology
  • presenters should be encouraged to provide material in advance (papers, keywords, ...) so that morning sessions can be better appreciated
  • the debate/talkshow style of last year was very much appreciated and should be repeated in order to encourage the debate
  • sessions should be clearly declared as being tutorials/lectures or debates/discussions (e.g., before / after coffee) in order to give people a clear perspective on what's going on
  • we need fellowships! It should be easy to convince Frontiers that Capo Caccia is funding a large percentage of the papers appearing in Frontiers in NE
  • one morning sessions dedicated to applications, perhaps with a large participation from privates/industry (although it's probably hard to convince them)
  • new research seems slow to be integrated in the sessions, instead old ideas were mainly presented and this aspect disappointed many
  • we should have a journal club discussion group were the latest research in different fields (comp. neuroscience, biology, engineering, machine learning) is presented to get everyone up to date
  • invited people should be rated and suggestions on who to invite should be encouraged sometimes later in the year
  • descriptions of the workgroups should be made more clear: is it a tutorial? a development effort? discussion? A template would help but also have better visual elements to distinguish between these classes
  • in order to promote interactions prior to the beginning of the workshop, we could list skills, goals and other details for each participant of the workshop (1 or 2 lines) in order to steer the attention of workgroup leaders towards some potentially active participants
  • at the same time, the workgroup descriptions should clearly mention what specific skills are preferrable (especially if it is a development workgroup)
  • last year's Python tutorial was very much appreciated so every year there should be a tutorial on a topic of broad interest (python programming, deep networks on Theano, soldering, fpga programming, neural network theory, ...)

And to conclude, the best comment ever: bring hardware that actually works! -- Anonymous


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