Workshop Introduction

Description of workshop logistics, resources, rooms, and plans.




Day Time Location
Mon, 24.04.2017 09:00 - 09:15 Lecture room

Intro to 2016 Workshop


  • Welcome to CapoCaccia, small-scale, mainly self-funded meeting. Reflects the enthusiasm and commitment that this community has.
  • This is the 10th workshop!
  • 2007 in Porto Conte ricerche: about 30 people
  • 2008 in Hotel !CapoCaccia: about 90
  • 2009: about 120
  • 2010: almost  140
  • 2011: over 200
  • 2012: about 155
  • 2013: about 140
  • 2014: about 120
  • 2015: about 100
  • 2016: about 90

Historical background

  •  It was born out of the US - NSF funded Telluride Neuromorphic Engineering Workshop
  •  It was supposed to replace it, but Telluride is so successful that US funding agencies did not allow it to be shut-down.
  •  Came out of a need to shift the focus from purely (basic) reactive sensory-motor neuromorphic systems to neuromorphic "cognitive" systems (we will see what that means in a few minutes).
  •  Turning point about seven years ago: both CapoCaccia and Telluride are now focusing on cognitive, thoughtful behaving systems.

Workshop general features

  • Build systems that take us in the direction of real-time cognitive behaving systems from theoretical neuroscience, neuroanatomy, neurophysiology, etc.
  •  Community building: get people talking among each other
  •  Promote collaborations across EU projects and among EU/US groups.
  •  Engage/involve a large international community
  •  Align/steer community in the same direction
  •  General discussion theme, open and frank form discussion
  •  Keep it as open as possible. We expect to be able to say what we think, share info without being paranoid.
  •  Treat the results, the experiments in the labs and the open discussions with confidentiality
  •  Determine domain of interest, synergies

Workshop organizers + Staff

  • Rodney and Giacomo
  • Kathrin
  • Dave & Simone
  • Dora, Enrico, Fabio

Workshop Rooms

  • Lecture room: always busy in the mornings. Free for workgroups in late afternoons and at night.
  • Small seminar room: available for small group meetings.
  • Meeting lounge upstairs: Always available (day and night).
  • Disco: large room downstairs. Fully networked. Main workgroup area.
When you are the last one to walk out of a room at night, please make sure to close all windows and doors. This is to prevent wild animals (cats, wildboars) to come in and do damage.

Workshop PC + printer

  • Desktop for workshop use: to check daily schedule. Leave schedule web-page up before leaving, if used for other needs.
  • B&W printer available for workshop participants

Hotel Rooms

  • Remember to get documents before leaving
  • Make sure to arrange payment of room-card (split, keep receipts, split payment method)

Workshop Themes

  • Organized around common interests and participants attending this year.
  • The workshop schedule is organized around "problems of the day": in each day, a group of session moderators organizes a discussion around a theme central to the topic of this workshop.
  • Moderators are encouraged to coordinate the session the evening before.

Workshop Web-Site

  • Check web-site. See how-to page to understand how to post announcements.
  • Organizational meeting for workgroup schedule, today at 17:00